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Gen AI Training
for Creative Professionals

Upskill For the Age of Artificial Intelligence:

✔️Generative AI 

✔️Image Generation

✔️Creative Ideation

✔️Prompt Engineering

Two Marketing Visuals created with generative AI Art tool Midjourney V5. By Sachin Kamath

AI Lemon Academy helps Creatives adapt & upskill in the Artificial Intelligence Age

Essential AI Training For Creative Professionals

☑️Boost Creativity and Productivity

☑️Transform Deadlines into Delights

☑️Achieve Remarkable Efficiency

Ultra-Realistic Images With Midjourney Generative AI Art by Sachin Kamath from AI Lemon Ac

We develop personalized 
Gen AI trainings for your needs

Tailored Live Gen AI Training
according to your need

Stop wasting hours on the wrong tutorials!

We guarantee at the end of this training you will unlock the full potential of Human x AI collaboration, master using cutting-edge Generative AI techniques, boost creativity and productivity, as well as get your hands-on experience in generating various content types, including images and videos.

No pre-requisites, no coding, beginner-friendly.


What Experts Say About Us

Testimonial on Generative AI Art Course by Venkatesh Mallya - Profile Photo.png

I recently completed your 'AI Art Generation Midjourney Mastery Course', and I'm so excited to post my results on media platforms. I want to thank you for this great initiative that you have taken to teach people the art of using AI for creative purpose.

- Venkatesh Mallya, Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer


Master Generative AI tools
create eye-catching designs 

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